We offer three main options for retaining walls: free-standing, interlocking block, and natural rock.


Interlocking block walls use a concrete block that has a flange on the back side that locks each block on top of one another. Interlocking block is the most structural of the three walls and can be built at heights over 4 ft with an engineering permit.


Free-standing walls offer an excellent alternative to fencing, as they will not rot or rust or decay in any way. Free-standing walls use concrete blocks that are glued using a special concrete adhesive that is very strong. These walls are very sturdy and can be made into columns or used with low-voltage lighting to really enhance your outdoor living space.


Natural rock walls are great for a natural landscape and can be a good alternative to the interlocking block if the sometimes castle-like features are off putting. These walls aren’t as sturdy as interlocking block but they can be built to heights of 4 ft and naturally retain the soil behind them.

Our crew is made up of well trained individuals whose expertise allows only the finest quality when it comes to our walls. We understand the mechanics of the wall and the forces involved behind it. Our block walls use a compacted gravel base that is meticulously leveled to within 1/16th of an inch. We provide our customers with only the finest when it comes to our retaining walls.